I’m sorry that you think an annoying kid matches the pain and now hatred I have for the one guy that ripped my heart out of my chest and stomps on it. Thanks. We are totally in the same boat. No worries

It’s just awesome when your gay best friend is in love with your straight brother. All your hang outs turn into I’m going to hang out with your brother instead! When your best friend doesn’t want to hang out with you it kinda makes you feel like hating people actually it helps you that way. There are many other factors that made me hate people today.
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Make money, go to school to get a better job, hang out with friends, be social, have a religion, be healthy and fit, oh yeah have the newest coolest tech, be nice and helpful, follow the rules..

Did I miss anything??!

You think I’d be better at this whole losing friends thing by now, but it hurts just like the last.



my best friends name is elsa and today she said “i wish people would stop asking me if i wanna build a fucking snowman”


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I don’t believe in love, but I would never give myself over to a person if it isn’t all there.

So much that could be going through my mind right now, but it is the same old shit that I don’t want to deal with. I don’t want to go through this again. I’m not going to.

Feeling like I am on the verge of losing another friend. He is changing into someone I don’t recognize 😪

I will either love you with every part of my being or not at all. I may fall in love hard and swift, but always know it is always true

My head is about to explode. So pissed off.